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This package works best for anyone that’s trying to understand their brand’s perception and market their brand on social media and in person anywhere. This can help showcase the style your brand perceives as and target the right audience that can lead you to potential sales.


By using all elements in this package you are:

- Figuring out your brand’s identity and personality

- Utilizing ways to build a strong social media presence

- Professionally share information about your brand

- Preparing yourself to network face to face


What is included?

- Logo branding suite

- 4 content creation posts

- 2 branding templates

- 2 Instagram story posts

- Business card design


After purchasing please fill out designing form here or send required info (located in the info section) via email > Please include your name and the service you have chosen.


-Turnaround time (located in info section) will begin after you've submitted ALL required information to email


Keep in mind that this branding package does not include printing for any of these designs. These are digital designs :)


If you are struggling to understand your brand's needs, please do not hesitate to contact me using the inquiry form here.

Marketing Branding Package

  • Requirements for logo identity suite

    -Brand name, color scheme, and inspiration ideas (if any)

    Requirements for content creation posts

    - Brand name, color scheme, all worded details of what you would like to post, website (if there's one), and high quality photos

    Requirements for business card design

    - Brand name, social media info, website (if there's one), color scheme, inspiration ideas (if any) and high-quality photos (if any)

    Requirements for branding templates

    -This will be negotiated based on the type of business, if you're aware of what you want you are welcome to specify the type of template you would like

    Requirements for IG story post design

    -Same for content creation details

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