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This package is great for those who are focused on promoting on social media. It is important to have your page prepared for any visitor though you never know who will be drawn to it. Having many visitors who love how you present your brand on social media can definitely lead to potential sales :)


What's included in this deal?

- Text-based logo design

- 4 content creation posts

- 2 branding templates

- 5 highlight covers


After purchasing please fill out the designing form here or send the required info (located in the info section) via email > Please include your name and the service you have chosen.


-Turnaround time (located in the info section) will begin after you've submitted ALL required information to the email


Keep in mind that this branding package does not include printing for any of these designs. These are digital designs :)  


If you are struggling to understand your brand's needs, please do not hesitate to contact me using the inquiry form here.

Social Media Branding Package

  • Requirements for logo design

    -brand name, logo description, color scheme, inspiration ideas (feel free to send photo ideas), and high quality photos (optional)

    Requirements content creation posts

    - Brand name, color scheme, all worded details of what you would like to post, website (if there's one), and high quality photos

    Requirements for branding templates

    -This will be negotiated based on the type of business, if you're aware of what you want you are welcome to specify the type of template you would like

    Requirements for highlight covers

    -the title of each highlights and color scheme

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