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Refunds and Cancellations

Payments are 100% non-refundable unless a personal issue occurs on our end that will affect any project. If the client decides to cancel a design unknowingly, they are forfeiting and no refund will be initiated.  Keep in mind it takes time to work on any design, but it is possible take particular problems into consideration and a choice will be made at designer's discretion.

If you would like to terminate a design for certain reasons or cancelled and re-book within 12 hours, please contact immediately via email. 

> or use contact form here.


All payments are 100% finalized once a design is purchased. During checkout, please be sure to have shipping and billing info lined up with the same information. If there is an error or complications with the order, a cancellation will have to be intitiated. Keep in mind that the prices of all designs are completely settled. Negotiations will not be accepted.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround times varies on the type of design you're requesting for. These times start as soon as a payment has been completed. 

These designs take time to work on so it is advised for clients to purchase with patience. Any inappropriate manners will lead to cancellation and a refund will not be considered.


Our business ours are Monday-Friday from 12pm-9pm

We are closed on the weekends and holidays

It is important to stay up to date just in case we notify you with any updates or if you have any questions/concerns. Any delayed responses (days late) will definitely lead to a delayed project. The maximum amount of days with no response is THREE days before a cancellation is put into effect. After that no refund can be processed.


There is a limit of 3 FREE revisions. Any extra revisions will have to be purchased additionally for $10 each time. The turn around times depend on what has to be done during the revision process. You will be notified on when the design will be delivered.

If there are any questions or concerns you are welcome to send an email to or visit the contact form here.

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