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Having a hang tag is one of the most essential items on the list to help your product stand out. It brings more attention to the purpose of what you're selling. Get a customized hang tag design here to help your brand's perception :)


After purchasing please fill out the design form here or send the required info (located in the info section) of hangtag details via email > Please include your name and the service you have chosen.


-Turnaround time (located in the info section) will begin after you've submitted ALL required information to the email


This does not include printing. This is just a digital design :)


If you are struggling to understand your brand, please do not hesitate to contact me using the inquiry form here.

Product Hangtag Design

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  • -All worded details

    -Color scheme/brand theme colors


    -High Quality Photos (if any)


    -Photos MUST be HIGH QUALITY and sent with your name + service type via email

  • Three free revisions are included in this service. Any additional revisions after contains an additional charge of $10. 

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